Seattle is full of opportunities to support its active community of frontline organizers dedicated to an equitable and sustainable region. Facilitated by S2, Interweave is a collaborative and supportive program consisting of a peer-to-peer network of visionaries with unique-but-aligned methods for sustainability. Our program weaves resources, support, collaboration, and capacity towards regional sustainability.

S2 provides specialized support so that Interweave peers can spend more time, effort, and expertise focusing on leading sustainability efforts in Seattle communities, and less time and resources in navigating administrative and technical aspects of the work that are often riddled with bias, unnecessary hurdles, and expensive specializations. 

Interweave is grounded by the Coast Salish creation story that teaches us that together, we can lift the sky.


  • Initiatives seeking to address specific sustainability or climate justice goals. From a group of friends to an established organization seeking a space to try a risky new direction, we welcome your project. 
  • Community Resilience Practitioners including freelancers, contractors, consultants, or otherwise independent agents who work between various clients or organizations to advance sustainability.  
  • Organizations and Businesses in various stages of development, which benefit from additional capacity and technical support to advance sustainability goals.


Sustainability solutions are intersectional. We will only achieve sustainability when the most impacted communities have a strong voice at the table.  Interweave prioritizes innovations and ideas from Seattle’s frontlines to both undo historic harms, and most effectively build vibrant, shared, and abundant futures.

We also welcome historically advantaged initiatives that are committed to equitable reparations, environmental justice, and those who leverage their own agency and vision for an intersectional and balanced ecosystem of practice.

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Donations increase the number of groups we can support, and provide fair and equitable jobs to frontline leaders in Seattle.



Click on a profile to learn more or donate. 90% of donations go directly to the Interweave member, and 10% goes to a pooled fund which keeps the program running.

Current Projects

BIPOC Sustainable Tiny Art House Community

The goal is to keep Seattle Artist of Color in Seattle, and to allow them to own their first starter house – including solar power and a community garden and showroom – that can support them later purchasing their dream house, or provide funds for other dreams.

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Kay Tita

Kay Tita is a community-driven organization that cultivates strategic partnerships and empowers a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem between Port-au-Prince and Seattle. As part of our efforts, we are building a sustainable community resource center that focuses on creating a collaborative, reliable, and globally connected space for young leaders to build out their impact-inspired visions

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Duwamish Valley Anti-Displacement Art Organizers

This project represents an informal group of organizers based on the EPA superfund site in the Duwamish Valley, who are using theatre, media, and other community organizing efforts to advance the efforts of the Duwamish Valley Affordable Housing Coalition.

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Refugee Artisan Initiative

At Refugee Artisan Initiative, our mission is to transform the lives of refugee and immigrant women by providing sustainable work in sewing and handcrafting products. Embrace beauty. Impact lives

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One Vibe Media LLC

One Vibe Media extends environmental justice and community building initiatives in Kenya to build media and storytelling skills for environmental efforts in Seattle, while providing on-the-job training to African and African American youth.

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Spean Rajana

Our vision is to be the leading force in advancing Khmer arts worldwide. We advance sustainability with culturally responsive civic engagement, mutual aid, and cultural competency and relationship building

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Sustainability Ambassadors

Sustainability Ambassadors is a professional development program for student leaders, teacher leaders and community leaders committed to educating for sustainability.

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