Seattle is full of specialists, activists, and engaged community members with a wide range of expertise and activity. Sound Listening consolidates those voices, key players, and curious minds into a single, streamlined forum. Sound Listening is a multi-disciplinary community engagement and resource that archives and activates sustainability priorities in the Seattle area. The central components of Sound Listening include a written op-ed style piece, a podcast, and a visual element that together use multiple ways of processing, analyzing, and perspectives to work through sustainability priorities for our region. Sound Listening is Sustainable Seattle’s outlet for the thoughts, ideas, and conversations around a critical sustainability topic facing our region today.

Sound Listening turns an Environmental Impact Assessment public comment forum into an output that you can actually use.

SOUND BYTES: This is the audio-based expression of how experts in our community are working through key issues, allowing listeners to engage with complex sustainability topics during their daily commute, while cooking dinner, gardening, or simply taking a moment for themselves to be still and listen. Sound Listening is Seattle’s newest podcast that covers intersectional environmentalism. You’ll hear from local experts as they disseminate new resources, topics and trends that affect our region and beyond

SUSTAINABLE THOUGHTS: This is a personal, op-ed style narrative working through key issues, allowing the reader to engage with a complex and current sustainability topic and pull meaningful clips, notes, and analysis in ways that make sense to them. 

IN SIGHT: This is a visual art piece that addresses a complex and current sustainability topic through painting, photography, digital design, or another medium. It brings unique POVs to the topic and opens doorways for reflection, interpretation, and discussion.  

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Current Projects