Data is considered an essential resource in driving behavioral, industrial, and political sustainability measures. However, sustainability data typically overlook those most impacted, contain gaps in data collection sources, and have linguistic, cultural, and usage access walls. Traditional approaches to data collection are top-down and hard to access for the general public. Community-informed solutions that scale up are more effective, efficient, and equitable. 

Since our first community meetings in 1991, Sustainable Seattle – S2 consistently engages our community in conversations while connecting people with differing backgrounds, lived experiences, and opinions. Through Evident, S2 disseminates data-centric information in responsive and engaging mediums.


In Sight

Developed in 2020 by resident artist Tyler Ung (Mr. Photy), In Sight is a multi-media analysis of a sustainability research topic. Topics are established by Seattle residents during community Think Tanks identifying the region’s most pressing sustainability issues.

In Sight invites the many ways of analyzing data and presenting information that are essential to sustainability efforts. Outputs may be visual, multi-media, infographics, or other formats.

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Topic: Culture & Environment
March 2020
Artist: Photy

“Master of the Storm” showcases distinct illustrations referencing the ‘dragon gates’ that cross between worlds as metaphor in breaking through the barriers of xenophobia, dissonance, and isolation we have been experiencing recently.

“Crane Gate”

“Master of the Storm”


Topic: community/access/data
June 2020
Artist: Photy

“I took the three most pressing issues on everyone’s mind: the human rights movement, the pandemic, and climate change. By illuminating imagery on all three issues, I want viewers to see each piece simultaneously. I challenge viewers to explore the narrative behind the numbers and in turn, consider how these issues are intricately tied to one another. If one set of data is startling to you, the other two should be as well.”


Topic: The Forces that Divide and Aligning for Sustainability
September 2020
Artist: Pah-tu Pitt G. (Warm Springs/Wasco), feat. Sean Gallagher (Inupiat)

“The Tahoma series are about the mountain’s (known as Rainer by many) experience as a witness to increasing temperatures and catastrophic fires. The mountains breathe through the forests, glaciers, and streams. Through these experiences Tahoma continues to support life, hold clouds, and promote a shift to sustainability. Moisture and fire are important elements centered by many Native management practices with implications for the dynamism and values needed for sustainable futures.

Cedar Rose Rising is about creating vibrant connections. Through reciprocity, we have the power to learn and lift each other up, while creating a legacy rooted in place and respect for first peoples.”


Tahoma 1 is a mixed media Collab with Sean Gallagher (Inupiat) also of Native Kut. Blockprint and Acrylic.
Tahoma 2 is mixed media with water colors. 
About the Artist
Pah-tu Pitt G. (Warm Springs/Wasco), she/her/they/them, currently works on advocacy for indigenous climate change resiliency, sustainable economic development, and grassroots organizing at regional and local levels in the Pacific Northwest and Seattle with an interest in solidarity with other BIPOC(Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and LGBTQ+ communities. She became the first female in her tribe to obtain a professional degree in the environmental sector and holds a degree in Environmental Science from Portland State University and a Master of Environmental Studies from Evergreen State. As a Native Kut business owner, she practices art, consulting, and runs a vacation/business rental that is Native art themed. Her work draws on the desire to re-center feminine leadership and to bring visibility to the experiences of historically impacted communities. Her preferred mediums include carving, printing, watercolor, mixed media and film. Creating is a way she connects to her ancestors and feels the strong connection between art and science.

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