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I enjoyed your survey and think you hit most important aspects of one's life. I think you are doing important, progressive work. However, you didn't include anything about sexual orientation in your questions about discrimination. That is very, very important. Nowadays, unless you're Muslim, I think people are discriminated about that more than anything else. There is a lot of discrimination about weight, too, so that might also be something to include, and maybe how happy one is with one's body. People who exercise on a regular basis tend to be happier.
One of my friends took the survey and pointed out some issues she noticed (on Facebook).
1.  She didn't notice any mention of sexual minorities, or of course anything specific in the discrimination section.
2.  She got the impression that expressing concern for the environment could come off as being unhappy.  In that sense being compassionate could cause one to rate as unhappy.
How did you balance the expression of concern and caring with being disturbed and upset about the condition or treatment of the environment, for example?
It seems to be that what she is really asking is how much compassion makes you unhappy in terms of the survey?
I wanted to send a comment about your survey. While I thought it was great, within the acceptance area of your survey I noticed what I think was a missing question.  There was no request about feeling discriminated against based on sexual orientation, unless I missed it.  In answer to that question, which would have certainly impacted the score, yes, I have been.  Otherwise, I applaud the survey and was happy to learn, that I am in fact much happier than even I realized.  LOL.  Anyhow, thank you so much for your time, have a fantastic day!

I think it is great that Sustainable Seattle has put together the happiness survey and in general is thinking about this topic. I recently took the happiness survey and would like to see one question in the survey expanded, if possible. The survey asks about one's trust in charitable and humanitarian organizations. For me, I have a strong distrust in large-scale organizations but tend to put a lot of trust into grassroots organizations. Can you differentiate between the two scales


I do have some quick comments.... some of the wording of questions were either much too vague / generalized or not enough
choices were indicated.  [For example, some of the questions relating to housing implied home ownership rather than renting
i.e. i don't make improvements to my rental property...]

In addition to the ambiguity regarding home ownership vs. renting, some specific questions that
seemed overly vague to me were re:
* churches (are you asking whether one has confidence in ALL churches ?)
* courts (are you asking whether one has confidence in ALL courts?  Local? Federal?....?)
* environment (...very difficult to answer question about supporting money for environment, really depends
on what and how .... in general, YES, but specifics are needed, ex:  President Obama supports nuclear
power as a "clean, environmental" option, and i totally disagree with that definition...)
and there were a few other survey questions that i felt difficult to respond to without more specifics....
however, it was interesting to note that I am fearful about what we, as a species, are doing to our environment
(Spaceship Earth) and quite disheartened by the federal governments growing alliance with corporations .... and
that these two areas were the areas I scored "most unhappy" in....

ome of my native friends are put off by the term "happiness", preferring the concept of "well being".

Thanks for your continuing efforts to align us with harmonious well-being.

Please put a feature so I can get a quick and compact pdf printout of results so I can share them with my pals!


This question is similar to ones I see often, and it's really annoying:

How many people currently reside in your household?

Which of the following best describes your current situation?
Single person living alone

Single person living with others

Single person with children at home

Living with spouse or partner (no children at home)

Living with spouse or partner and children at home

Living in parents' home

Living in child's home


I know you give an "other" option, but it didn't allow for any comment. Obviously you can't fit in every scenario, but it could be asked differently if you took the time.

1) How many people live in your house full time?

2) How many people live in your house part-time?

I have two step-children, who reside with us part-time. It is not the same as having kids around all the time, but it also is not the same as having no kids, and not the same as them being my own kids. It really has an impact on things, including work/life balance, stress, and our finances. As that is part of what you are trying to measure, I think it would be helpful to find out more about peoples' living situations. 

Even just trying to explain to friends/family how it all works is hard. And then I think about people who are caring for their grandkids, or people that are guardians, and then all of us that are in the shared custody sitch. So many ways to define "household" and "family" for sure.


I took the happiness survey.  The question of marriage is incomplete.

I didn't see listed the answer that reflects me:  Never married.

May I suggest that you add buttons:

Never married.
Not currently in domestic partnership.
Never married and currently in a domestic partnership.
Currently single and living alone.
Never married and living alone.
Currently single and want to be married or in a domestic partnership.

We had a discussion today in class about the happiness survey and I wanted to pass of students critiques of the survey. I felt that the survey was interested, asked some challenging questions, and was a good use of my time. Other students felt that it was a bit too lengthy and took too much time to complete. Myself and other were also unsure about what the result of the survey actually ment and how the high's and low's were relative to the results. It would have been nice to have explanations by each section on exactly how or why we got a certain number. We also felt that if you want students to be more involved and interested in the survey, you need to develop it with students in mind.Specifically the Economic section and the questions about the household.  Or possible make slightly different surveys for different age groups, because depending on you age you will be at a different development and life situation.


Two points of feedback:
(1) In Part 2, the time questions are phrased in a way that will make scores seem lower than they in fact are.  I believe it was something like "would you be satisfied if you had more time to do XYZ" - I put yes to most of those, because more time for community or recreation would be great.  That's not to say that I feel I don't spend enough time on those activities, just that more of a good thing is good.

(2) In Part 8, the discrimination questions omit the category "disabled", not sure if that's intentional or just an oversight.


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