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Are you interested in beautifying your yard?  

What about helping prevent pollution from entering our local waterways?

Then you are in luck! Our program Green Blocks Blue Sound works with residents, community centers, and businesses to take action on preventing pollution through simple steps we can all take and by installing rain gardens, cisterns, and other forms of green infrastructure.  These simple steps and beautiful landscape features help prevent pollution from entering our local waterways - and can build community at the same time!

Learn about how we build community through rain gardens

Learn about our current projects.

For neighbors in zones throughout Seattle, RainWise is a great way for residents to get a rebate for their rain garden or cistern.   Check to see if you are elibigale for RainWise.  

As a non-profit partner of the RainWise program, sponsored by Seattle Public Utilities, we can answer your questions about and lend support through the reimbursement process. Send an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with questions.

Read more about rain gardens, cisterns, our Green Blocks Blue Sound program, current projects, and resources below.

Current Projects

Greening Highland Park Improvement Club 

 Sustainable Neighborhoods team is also working with the Highland Park Improvement Club to build a demonstration green infrastructure site.  Find out more about this exciting project here!  Let us know if you think your neighborhood is ripe for a demonstration and we will talk to you about the possibilities.

Building Green Blocks

Excited about rain gardens?  We are looking for ambassadors who are excited about rain gardens.  When you build rain gardens with your neighbors, it can build community, be more cost effective and have more measurable water quality benefits!  Plus, by the end, you will have a built-in rain garden support system!

When we all work together, we can make large strides to protect our Puget Sound and local waterways, building a vibrant city for future generations.

Green Blocks in White Center

Starting in 2014, we are working with Holy Family Parish and School to install rain gardens and more.  This project will expand the potential of large sites in the RainWise basin to gain stormwater credits, reducing surface water fees.  Plus, we are building a living classroom for the onsite school, increasing understanding of how to reduce your impact on stormwater pollution, and more!  Learn more.


Why are we taking action?  Every year, 14 to 94 million pounds of pollutants flow into our Puget Sound, negatively impacting the water supply and marine life.  According to the Department of Ecology, the number one source of this pollution is rain runoff.  

By reducing pollutants at their source and manging the flow of rain water through natural infrastructure, we enhance water quality, provide lasting attractive landscaping, and provide urban habitat for wildlife.  We can all be a part of the sollution to preventing runoff pollution from reaching our lakes, rivers, creeks and Puget Sound.

What is Sustainable Seattle doing?  In 2012, Sustainable Seattle installed 5 rain gardens in south Seattle through our Sustainable Rain program. Learn more about Sustainable Rain.

Rain Garden Image

In 2013, we got the word out to you about rain gardens, the challenge of stormwater, and the many ways WE as residents can have a positive impact on our waterways.  Sustainable Seattle believes that installing rain gardens and green infrastructure together, with your neighbors, will build community and open up the conversation about long-term sustainability in your neighborhood.

Do you want to learn more about rain gardens in your neighborhood? Sustainable Seattle:

    • Answer your rain garden and RainWise questions and connect you to people and resources
    • Provide a pre-assessment of your property before you begin to contact Contracts
    • Motivate your neighbors to get involved!  This could be a neighborhood meeting, presentation, a house party where Sustainable Seattle, or distributing a letter for your neighbors
    • Help you use the momentum from installing rain gardens to identify other practices that would add to the long-term health and vitality of your neighborhood

 Interested in learning more or getting involved? Contact us!

More Resources

All over the city, there are efforts to expand education and increase installations of green infrastructure.  Here are a couple of our current partners in these efforts:

12,000 Rain Gardens A program of Stewardship Partners and Washington State Extension Program.  Check out their resources, including a rain garden hand book, here.

RainWise Learn how to become RainWise! See if your property is in an incentive zone and eligible for a rain garden or cistern rebate!  Seattle Public Utilities and King County are co-sponsoring this program to involve homeowners in preventing pollution from reaching our waterways. Learn more.

The Tox-Ick Monster This educational campaign wants you to take action on the 7 simple solutions to reduce pollution in the Puget Sound.  It also provides many other educational resources.  Learn more.

Sustainable Ballard's Virtual Rain Garden Tour In Ballard, almost 200 residents have installed RainWise rain gardens!  Check out some of their stories in Sustainable Ballard's Virtual Tour.