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Upcoming Events

March 22 - See our  Depave with Us!  We were at HPIC for this community event - turning a parking lot into a permeable paver courtyard.  Learn more about this project.

April 26, 11am to 5pm - The NW Green Home Tour: A Gathering Space Goes Green  HPIC is turning into a Sustainability Stop for this annual tour.  Come by to check out the changes at this neighborhood owned community center! 

June 28 - Stormwater Action walk with DRCC - Check back to learn more.

August 12 - The Big Green - Sustainable Seattle's annual picnic with Seattle Greendrinks This year, we are partnering with Sustainable NE Seattle to knock this community picnic out of the park!  Check out pictures from last year.

Our Sustainable Neighborhoods program focuses on using tangible actions as catalysts for community building.  Our on-the-ground work results in stronger and healthier communities.  We also highlight other projects and efforts that may otherwise go unnoticed from throughout the city in our educational resources,
newsletter, events, and programs, inspiring people to follow the lead of others and providing an avenue for people to learn from each other and build productive partnerships.   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it about projects in your neighborhood!

There are many ways to be sustainable and we want everyone to participate in that conversation.  You can find us out in the neighborhoods helping at an urban farm, hosting a round of pub trivia, and tabling at your neighborhood’s festival.  When you see us, let us know what you do to be sustainable and you may just see it featured in a blog post!

You are invited to join us at "The Big Green," our annual community picinic and festival on August 13!  Learn more. Check out pictures from the summer Community Picnic!

In our program, we utilize on-the-ground environmental projects to build stronger and healthier neighborhoods, providing a foundation for a sustainable future.  From green infrastructure to water resource management to energy efficiency, we work with communities to provide the education and support to develop projects that address the specific needs of that neighborhood. Do you need support to help a project in your neighborhood move from idea to action? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it about it and we will support you where we can!

Green Blocks Blue Sound

Green Blocks Blue Sound is Sustainable Seattle's rain garden program, an effort to work with residents and communities to install natural infrastructure and take other steps to prevent pollution from reaching our local waterways.  Learn more.

Sustainable Neighbors Action Program

Interested in saving energy? Want to tell your friends and neighbors about tips to do the same?  You are invited to be a part of the Sustainable Neighbors Action Program to do just that!  Learn more here.

This program is made possible through a Climate Action Now grant from the Office of Sustainability and the Environment.

If you have any questions about anything on this page, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Neighborhood Programs Coordinator


Neighborhood Newsletter

Through newsletters, we tell the story of one projects, how it get started, and the lessons we've learned along the way. Through workshops, we look to bring neighbors together to learn about and discuss projects that support long-term sustainability—such as rain gardens, tool libraries, and home energy audits. 

We will travel around to Seattle neighborhoods, and through newsletters and workshops, showcase innovative projects and document best practices.  Any of the projects might inspire you to get involved, to start a similar one in your neighborhood, or even think about your existing project in a new way.   Don’t let the thought stop there—talk with your neighbors or the project developer to take the next step!

Here are some of the recent newsletters:

Sustainable Capital Hill lives into its mission of being a network of neighbors dedicated to making Capital Hill a sustainable community.  Learn more about this organization that has monthly potlucks and a consistently full calendar of activities.

As a relatively new organization, Sustainable Renton has done a lot, focusing on turning interest into action.  Learn about what they are doing to connect people with community gardens and to support the local food system.

In Northeast Seattle, neighbors are returning to the times when you repaired your clothing and baked your own bread. Learn more about how Sustainable Northeast Seattle brings people together every year to build community and share their skills.

"A Community Garden in Burien" March 2012 Edition
When members of Sustainable Burien realized the need for a community garden in their city, they did something about it. The city's plans for a garden wouldn't be realized for a few years, so volunteers moved the idea forward quickly. Learn how they worked in partnership with a local art group.

“Sharing the Bounty”  February 2012 Edition
At Sustainable Ballard, volunteers started an effort to glean produce from the Sunday afternoon Farmer’s Market and donate it to Ballard Food Bank.  Can you think of a food bank in your neighborhood that could benefit from some produce?  Read about how Sustainable Ballard made their project a success

“Building Community” January 2012 Edition
Community is not always an easy thing to build—especially in large cities like Seattle.  In the Greenwood and Phinney Ridge neighborhoods, Sustainable Greenwood-Phinney was there to fill the gap.  Every week, community groups formed around different aspects of sustainability to discuss ideas and learn from each other.  Learn about how the groups are launched and what brings people together.



Neighborhood Workshops

Ever wonder what a home energy audit actually looks like?  Or what you might do with a Tool Library?  In our monthly neighborhood workshops, participants will have the opportunity to learn about these topics and gain some take-home skills.  While you might decide to get involved with this project, you might also decide to launch a similar project in your neighborhood.  Whatever the case, these workshops provide a place to connect with your community-members, hear about best practices, and learn about resources that can help your idea become a reality.

On the second Tuesday of every month, Sustainable Seattle distributes a newsletter featuring a community-oriented and environmentally conscious project.  The newsletter will provide insight into what makes the project tick. We cover issues of community involvement, marketing, and specific challenges. For example, were there issues around regulations or did the project lack focus?

Subscribers will learn the ins-and-outs of active projects throughout the region, as well as stay up-to-date on the happenings of Sustainable Seattle.