We help others grow.

Many of Seattle’s most groundbreaking initiatives, organizations and projects are run by members of the community for the community. We recognize the burden of becoming a 501 c3 organization, which also serves as a barrier to funding.

Sustainable Seattle partners with organizations and groups working on innovative sustainability projects to remove these barriers and provide administrative support so that community leaders and experts can focus their efforts on the critical work on the ground.

Learn more about the projects we are currently incubating through fiscal sponsorship and administrative support below.

Current Projects

Sustainability Ambassadors

Sustainability Ambassadors is a professional development program for student leaders, teacher leaders and community leaders committed to educating for sustainability.

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Terra Nostra

Terra Nostra, “Our Earth” in Latin, is a multimedia symphony about climate change. The work is the result of a collaboration between music composer Christophe Chagnard and an environmental scientist Susan Crane Lubetkin.

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Spean Rajana

Our vision is to be the leading force in advancing and connecting Khmer civics & dialogue.

As we continue to re-emerge with a stronger sense of our organizational identity, sustainability is a multi-functional dynamic that occurs naturally in the process of organizational assessment and growth. Particularly as we look into policy work with the Seattle Public Schools District around instituting workshops dedicated to the Khmer Genocide, and as we have conversations with Ethnic Studies development at the state level we can also make sure that the curriculum on Southeast Asia’s Khmer Genocide is taught and facilitated by Khmer peoples.

Our culture and tradition is one that connects the people with the land, ancestry and heritage. We want to make sure that our traditional understanding of our background continues and that students and the community have the opportunity to be able to to proactive be part of a deeper re-connection through our Spean Rajana to Cambodia program. Spean, means “bridge” in Khmer and for us, the most important thing is to make sure that people still have the avenues to re-connect with culture and heritage through our programs. In doing so, we hope that people who are part of our journey will understand the importance of immersive sustainability, and that they will therefore be uplifted and supported towards a deeper engagement in Seattle and the region.

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Got a project?

Do you have a sustainable project that you would like to be considered for fiscal sponsorship and support through the incubator hub?

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