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The Courtyard is complete! 

The pavers are in and the plants are growing - Highland Park Improvement Club's parking lot has gone from asphalt to paradise!  After the community muscle tore up the asphalt (learn more below), Eagle Rock Construction graded the site and installed Eco-
Priora pavers - allowing 100% infiltration of the rain that falls on the courtyard.  Learn more about how permeable pavers are installed here.  The next step was adding plants!  Now the community enjoys a fully planted right of way and a berry hedge - thanks to the hard work of Boeing Volunteers on Earth Day.  This finished project is benefiting our waterways and wildlife all while providing a beautiful space fo the community.  

Keep an eye for opportunities to check out this new space!  Can you think of an area that deserves more green, less asphalt in Seattle?  Contact us!

 When Depave came to HPIC...

On March 22, 2014, over 40 Highland Park neighbors worked with Sustainable Seattle, Stewardship Partners and Depave to pull up almost 3500 square feet of asphalt – making way for permeable pavers and native plants!   This effort was fueled by the muscle of neighbors, as they worked together to chop up and haul the asphalt.  When it was all said and done, over 40 tons of asphalt was on its way to be recycled in South Park.  Read the press release.Depavers at workDepave the Parking Lot

Caffe Vita and Mighty-O Donuts fueled the start of the day and a Highland Park neighbor provided a delicious lunch for the hard workers.

Check out more photos from the event here.

This effort was the first pilot in King County of the Depave model, originating in Portland.  Through its work, Depave works to remove unnecessary pavement from urban areas, creating community green spaces and mitigating stormwater runoff.  And that is exactly what we did at HPIC!  Working with Stewardship Partners, we are excited to see this model spread throughout Seattle and King County.

The Highland Park Depave and the Greening Highland Park project is made possible through Green Grants from King County Lower Duwamish Air and Water Quality Improvement Grants.

What is the Project?

Sustainable Seattle is excited to be a part of the greening project at Highland Park Improvement Club!  With funding support from a King County Lower Duwamish Air and Water Quality Improvement Grants,  Sustainable Seattle is working with HPIC and the broader community to design and install rain gardens, cisterns and other forms of green infrastructure on the club's property.  These features will beautify the property and help prevent polluted runoff from entering our local waterways!

Interested in doing something similar with your community? Learn more about Sustainable Seattle's Green Blocks Blue Sound.

The project will also serve as a demonstration site and educational opportunity for the surrounding neighbors.  The community is encouraged to take an active part in this project and learn about they can have an impact at home!  This could include taking advantage of the RainWise program by installing a cistern or rain garden on your property.  There are many ways to reduce your impact on the stormwater pollution!   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to learn more.

Project Update November 8, 2013

What is the latest at HPIC?

HPIC Rain GardenIn June, over 100 people joined HPIC as they planted their new rain garden!  Now that garden is growing up (check it out on the left!), the community is getting ready for Phase 2.  In this phase, HPIC will be getting a second rain garden (just installed!), participating in a Depave community event, and installing a permeable paver community courtyard.  

Check out a video of the installation of the second rain garden!

All of these changes will help HPIC reduce their impact on the stormwater system - plus create beautiful landscape features that beautify the club, provide habitat for birds and bees, and reduce the asphalt heat island. 

With funding from the King County Lower Duwamish Air and Water Quality Improvement Grants in place, now is the time to get involved!  From design charrettes to community planting days to spreading the word, there are plenty of ways to get involved!  Learn more below.

Why is HPIC doing this project?

In the Puget Sound region, there is a high volume of runoff from rain flowing in our storm drains every year.  This runoff carries pollutants from our hard surfaces, like oil from our cars and asphalt from our roofs.  Encouraging rain water to infiltrate into the ground through through green infrastructure installations rather than directly into stormdrains helps prevent these pollutants from reaching our streams, rivers, lakes, and the Puget Sound.

Highland Park specifically, however, is especially important of its location within the Duwamish RIver Watershed and within a combined sewer system zone.  Highland Park's runoff contributes to the pollution found in the Duwamish River, currently an EPA Superfund Cleanup Site.  Learn more.  In a small but important way this project will support the reduction of pollutants flowing into this river.

In part, this is because it will reduce the amount of water flowing into the combined sewer system.  Combined sewer systems combine household sewage and run off - and in storm events these can overflow and flow directly into local bodies of water instead of traveling to a treatment plant.  Highland Park is located within a target area for King County's CSO reduction program and a reason why King County Wastewater Treatment Division funded this demonstration.

With this project, Highland Park Improvement Club provides a visible educational site to discuss these issues and some of their solutions!

How can I get involved? 

There are many ways to get involved - 

  • - Follow HPAC to stay in the know
  • - Be part of the HPIC Greening Team and add your voice to the design process.   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to learn more.
  • - Connec HPIC to resources in Highland Park and Seattle that would support the project
  • - Spread the word!
  • - Visit the club to enjoy the new green features
  • - Help launch our region's depave movement - HPIC will be the King County pilot site for this exciting model. 
  • - Adopt the actions at the club on your property!  RainWise is just one of the many ways to support reducing stormwater pollution.

Past Events:

Depave Day with Sustainable Seattle and Stewardship Partners

When: March 22, 2014, 10am till all asphalt is removed!
Where:Highland Park Improvement Club (HPIC), 1116 SW Holden

You're invited to bring your muscle to chop up asphalt and make way for a community courtyard at Highland Park Improvement Club (HPIC).   Join Sustainable SeattleStewardship Partners, and Highland Park neighbors as we bring the Depave model out of Portland to King County, peeling up some of HPIC’s parking lot with the whole community involved.  When the community work is done, permeable pavers and plantings will join the HPIC’s two rain gardens and cistern.    There will be fun activities for all ages – join us for the fun and food! Learn more here.

Questions?  Contact Hannah.

View a video of the event by West Seattle Blog.

Yards in the Hood Tour in Highland Park-Riverview: 5 Easy Actions to Help Puget Sound and the Duwamish
When: June 1, 2013, 10am to 1pm
Where: Highland Park Improvement Club (HPIC), 1116 SW Holden

This event is free and open to all - come and go as you please!

Did you know that your yard has an impact on our waterways?  We can all help reduce the amount of polluted runoff that reaches our waterways through how we manage water on our property.  On June 1, you will have a chance to embark on a self-guided tour in the Highland Park-Riverview neighborhood to check out water smart landscapes - from rain gardens to cisterns to home composting.  At HPIC, you will have the chance to visit booths, the mobile West Seattle Tool Library, and see demonstrations.   PLUS, you will be able to help out with planting HPIC's new rain garden with the contractors, Rain Dog Designs.

Rain Garden design by Marilyn Jacobs, Rain Dog Designs

Questions?  Contact Hannah at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






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